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The Project DB Essay

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Project Planning entails a lot of complexities most especially when the project at hand is quite complicated and limited in nature particularly in time constraints. Nevertheless, there are specific tools designed to facilitate manageable and easy project planning possible. Such tools may be classified according to the nature of the project handled. For small to medium sized projects, tools such as Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis, Program Evaluation Technique (PERT), and Planning Cycle may be used. While planning large projects may employ the use of the tools such as Planning & Management Methodologies, Stakeholder Analysis, and Stakeholder Management.

            Among these, the commonly used are the Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis, and PERT. All these three requires Work Breakdown Structure.

Gantt chart (designed by Henry Gantt) is very useful in the sense that it is much easier to construct and understand. The activity in relationship to time is immediately obvious unlike the other tools. Its value is easily recognized as it is less complex to look at.

While Critical Path Analysis or CPM and PERT are both powerful tools, the first one identifies which tasks should be done on time to complete the project on time, at the same time, identifies which tasks can afford to have delay yet still completing the project on time.

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Thus, CPM identifies the shortest possible time to complete the project, the resources needed, and the most efficient way of shortening the time. PERT is a slight modification on CPM. It makes use of quite skeptical view of time for each project stage. The optimistic, pessimistic, and most likely time is indeed helpful to prevent biases from unrealistically short time-scales assumptions.

Hence, in my own point of view, I personally prefer to use CPM since it has a lot of advantages over the others considering that it can present the early and late completion of the project with respect to the time allotted to complete the project.


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