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Introduction To Dvd Express Essay

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DVD Express is a new business that has just set-up in London to meet the demands of the growing number of people that own a DVD player in this country, as it is an increasingly popular and growing form of entertainment. DVD express, rather than renting films sells the films at discounted prices, as many of our products are not bought in the UK but are instead bought in bulk from foreign overseas distributors.

The store specialises in selling not only the latest and best selling DVD’s, but also more importantly import films that would otherwise not be available in this country due to a restriction in licensing rights which the store has obtained. But the store sells much more than just films for that ‘Friday night in’ we stock the latest in audio and vision hardware to enhance the enjoyment of films even more. From the latest DVD players imported straight from Japan to the most pulsating speaker set DVD express will have it. FEASABILITY REPORT FOR THE STORE

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As a business analyst I have been recruited to aid the store in setting up an efficient and prosperous business venture. Every business needs an efficient and effective (when practised) plan of action that takes into account all the aspects and factors that will determine the level of success that the business may achieve. The job of a systems analyst is becoming increasingly more in demand, especially today as many large business’s and corporations recruit these people to develop or expand their enterprise/ venture. Below is a brief outline to what the store will need to have and do so that the business operates smoothly and efficiently.

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As the store will be new to the area it will have to have some form or method of informing people of its presence. This could be done in various ways under the form of advertising which will be a main focus and aim of the project. * After the initial platform has been established to ensure that the store runs smoothly a database scheme would have to be devised to keep and record information of customers so the store can target specific products or offers at them. In conjunction with the above the overall aim could be achieved by introducing a much needed loyalty scheme for members who would sign up to the scheme.

The loyalty scheme will create profiles and records of individuals. The steady flow of customers that was once present a couple of years ago in this industry are now decreasing, as there are more ways to purchase products rather than to shop at stores. A new and innovative idea for this store would be to perhaps create an online mail order catalogue. This would mean that the business would have a wider range of influence and reach more potential customers. Many large businesses are now adopting this form of selling as online shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

The store would need to produce some form of professional stationary that could be incorporated with the database and stock system. This could be in the form of created letterheads or reply forms. This ensures that the store is properly ‘established’ and recognized among the public, other organisations and suppliers. The store will after the creation of the database platform need a scheme for customers/ members to apply to this would ensure that the store would initially, before creating a database have some information on which to build on.

The store would need to provide and produce some form of application so that customers can join. This could be in the form of application forms, online forms etc. Apart from the actual physical store itself they have no other way of selling their products. Perhaps introducing a mail-order paper catalogue or online shop (as detailed above) scheme or another way to order from the store would broaden the stores influence and make it accessible to many more people.

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