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Information Systems Technology Essay

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Computer engineers are responsible for analyzing, designing and building software applications in an IT firm concerned with developing application software’s for various businesses. Once the primary analysis is done by the system analyst the coding phase is prepared by the software engineers where they have enough programming experience to bring the design model into a running system. They are responsible to get the logical design in paper to implement into a physical working system. They use their programming ability to design the business modules.

They are usually concerned with the development of the system and taking care of the user interfaces, business rules implementation and the design methodologies which are required by any business employing information systems. They are also responsible for selecting the right programming tool for designing the user interface and enveloping the functionalities of the concerned tool in framing the business policies. Role of software tester: Software testers work in collaboration with the software engineers to eliminate the bugs in the software.

They are primarily concerned with testing the software for checking the software for fulfilling the requirements and checking whether the software runs successfully with the requirements fulfilled. This is mainly concerned with validation and verification of the software. They prepare test cases to test the software for boundary checks, limit checks, data type checks, calculations of business processes and many others. They create and maintain reports to keep track of the systems reports and account of the defects which are found in the process.

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The classification of the defects is the next step. The defects are either corrected by the software tester or are forwarded to the software engineers to be corrected and submit again for errors. They are usually concerned with elimination of anomalies which are quite a hindrance in the business environment and pose a great threat to data and security.

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