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Cicero’s Indignation

In the first lines of his speech, what does Cicero do (rhetorically) to criticize Catiline?
Uses 3 rhetorical questions

What things did Cicero put in place to stop Catiline?
1.nightly guards of Palatine
2. watchmen of the city
3. fear of the people
4. assembly of all the good people
5. the most protected place holding the senate
6. the faces and expressions of these men

What does Cicero tell Catiline all the people and the Senate know?
they know what Catiline did last night and the night before, whom he talked to, his plan

Why is Cicero surprised that Catiline is still alive?
the senate knows about Catiline’s plans and the consul sees it happening, it is right in front of them

What does Catiline continue to do, even though the conspiracy is revealed?
He comes into the Senate and he participates in public affairs

What does Cicero claim Catiline is doing in regards to the Senators?
noting and designating each one for death with his eyes

What does Cicero say should have happened to Catiline a long time ago?
to be lead to death by the power of the consul

Where does Cicero say the consiprators are?
in our number, senators in this most sacred counsel

How does Cicero interact with the conspirators/ Catiline’s men?
he asks for their opinion about the republic and he does not wound them, even though they deserve to be slaughtered with iron

What is the change that happens half-way through the speech?
Cicero changes to 2nd person verbs, makes it more of a personal attack

What would Catiline have done had he succesfully killed Cicero?
He decided where he wanted to set out and what parts of Italy he wanted, took some people, left some people in Rome, wrote down what parts of the city to burn

What was Catiline’s little delay in his plan?
That Cicero was still alive

What is the purpose of Cicero telling Catiline what he did the other night?
To scare Cicero and to inform the people in the senate that don’t already know without being obvious

How was Catiline going to kill Cicero?
2 Roman horsemen would kill Cicero a little before light in his little bed

What did Cicero do when he heard the Catiline was going to kill him in his bed?
He strengthened his house with guards

What is the status of the gates?

What reason does Cicero give Catiline to leave the city?
Catiline’s Manlian camps have missed him for too long

What does Cicero say will happen to himself when Catiline leaves?
He will be freed from great fear, all Catiline’s men will leave too, the scum of the city will be gone

What does Cicero thank the gods for?
for escaping the horror, hostile destruction, and ruin in the republic

What does Cicero say must not be risked in one man?
The ultimate safety of the republic — must not be risked in one man

How did Cicero defend himself against Catiline?
not by public defense, but by private diligence

What did Cicero keep seeing even though he opposed Catiline through his efforts?
he kept seeing his ruin to be joined with the great calamity of the republic

What does Cicero say that Catiline seeks?
1. the whole republic
2. the temples
3. the roofs of the cities
4. the lives of the citizens
5. all of Italy towards destruction

How will Cicero deal with the matter of Catiline?
be more mild, and more useful with regard to the common safety

What would happen if Cicero ordered Catiline to be killed?
the remaining group of conspirators would remain in Rome causing problems

What question does Cicero ask Catiline at the end of his speech?
What is it, Catiline? –> Why are you hesitating to carry out your original plan? (Catiline was going to leave on his own accord orginally)

What does the consul order?
That the enemy leave the city

novo homo
new man –> Cicero was the first man in his family to break into political office

a small town where Cicero was born

Nov 7 attempt
Catiline’s first attempt to kill Cicero in Cicero’s house in the morning –> Cicero knew about it bc of Fulvia and armed his house

Nov 8 attempt
day of Cicero’s speech

Senatus Consultum Ultimum
power given to the consul to do anything that is necessary to secure Rome –> emergency law

double agent between Cicero and Catiline, informed Cicero of Catiline’s plots, girlfriend of one of Catiline’s men

the camp where Catiline’s forces stayed

leader of Catiline’s troops at Etruria

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